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with Boachsoft satisfaction guaranteedBoachsoft LandLord is a windows based landlord software or property management software. This landlord software will help you manage your tenants, rent and property whether it is an apartment complex, a single family home or a commercial property! This software is easy to use and what is more it is inexpensive and user friendly. It is the right solution you need to manage your property. T

Who should use Boachsoft LandLord?

This landlord software is designed for landlords and managers of rental properties like apartment complexes, single family homes, commercial properties etc. LandLords and property managers who want to manage their properties with ease whilst enhancing productivity would find that Boachsoft Landlord is the right landlord software. If you are looking for a landlord software with excellent and handy reports, a cashbook for accounting, an excellent rent tracking system, easy to use payment collection system that would let you have a large number of units and tenants at an affordable cost then this is definitely the right software. If you print invoices for your tenants and allow your tenants to pay ahead you would find that this can be accomplished very easily in Boachsoft LandLord

Summarized Features of Boachsoft LandLord

  • With this software you can automatically send emails to your tenants who are late on rent payment. You can also automatically send email reminding your tenants about expiring leases. You don't need another software to do this.

  • Have a problem, tracking rent payments by your tenants? Don't worry again; you have found the ultimate solution. You can track not only rents but all recurring charges.

  • From this landlord sofware you can collect payments from your tenants and print an invoice receipt for them

  • Create your own letters and forms or customize the provided letters like late rent letter and automatically print it out for all your selected tenants. You can also easily insert merge fields like tenant name, owners name, lease end date etc into the letters you create.

  • Also available is a cashbook with which you can track your daily expenses and income. Organize you finances into categories and easily track them with reports. ETC

  • Excellent and handy reports to provide the right information just when you need it.

  • Adjust rental rates by a percentage or by an amount for all your property in a single step

  • If you charge ahead or allow your tenants to pay several months ahead of time you would find that you can easily do this in this landlord software.

  • Powerful, stable and robust database system. The amount of data you can enter into this landlord software is only limited by your system resources (hard disk space, memory etc)

  • Track and print receipts for security deposits you collect from your tenants.

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